Moving Up By One Spot, India Ranks 68th Position in the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018

The Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) was presented for the year 2018 with India placed from 69th to 68th position. This index includes 137 countries with the United States in the first place. Previously, India was in the 69th position, last year.

The president of Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Mr. Jonathan Ortamans, stated the same by quoting the position of America in the 1st place and India in the 68th place, among 137 countries in total.

During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit which was held, Mr. Ortamans said, “Each country is ranked according to its GEI score to indicate overall entrepreneurship attitude and potential” 

As per the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI) based in Washington, in the year 2014, India was at 76th position. Being a policy development organization, the GEDI functions in support of individuals, communities, and nations by broadening the scope of economic opportunities. 

By last year, India had come a long way across 29 spots and moving to the 69th position. 

According to a report from the previous year, India was majorly strengthened in terms of product innovation as compared to technological absorption. 

As a platform that serves to support startups and recently upcoming firms through multiple initiatives and programmes, GEN works towards the creation of a global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Being part of the GEDI, GEN also functions as a strategic partner. 

The GEN press release states that a series of roundtable events in accordance to public policies are being conducted within the country to expand and research upon public sector innovativeness in order to boost the growth of newly formed firms.

Following the press release, it was said that “Around eight policy panels are in plans to reach all 30 federal State (states) by the end of 2018 in order to promote entrepreneurship, create jobs, incentivize capital investments and work towards the sustainability of Indian enterprises by creating global linkages” 

The press further adds that more than 30 state ambassadors will be appointed by GEN India to lead all GEN India enterprises in their particular states, which includes policy panels, entrepreneurship celebrations, national competitions, and partnerships.

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