What supports Franchisee can expect from a franchisor?

Franchising has become the option for many people. If you desire a successful sales model at minimal risk, being a franchisee is the best option for you. Some of the support that you can expect as a franchisee is listed below.

Man-power Training

One need not have any prior experience or knowledge about the sector to become a franchisee and start a business. The franchisors take up the responsibility and provide a training program. This program covers all the basic information to help the franchisees to run a smooth and successful business. Through the training, the franchisees get familiarized with the industry sector, product positioning, and competitor information. The franchisees also get manuals which specify all the rules and instructions to run the business.

Location selection and Layout Design

The franchisees can also expect location and interior design guidelines support from the franchisors. The support includes instructions to locate a good site in a residential / commercial area, access to public transport and other required components. Sometimes, franchisors also provide an on-site review. This support is adventitious for the franchisees as the franchisors are highly experienced and know about the market better than the franchisees. However, the franchisees must understand that location selected by the franchisors is not an assurance for a successful business. The success of the business depends on time spent on business and the way the franchisees run it.

Marketing and Advertising

The franchisees get the complete marketing plan for atleast for the first few months of the business. The plan includes the promotional materials, white-paper on activity execution, best practices and cost. Some franchisors even initiate advertising efforts for their franchisees, which may include radio or television commercials. However, sometimes the franchisees do not have the freedom to implement any marketing strategy before the approval.

The supports mentioned above are some of the basic ways a franchisee can get help. However, a franchisee will get many other kinds of supports based on the franchisor.

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