Myntra online fashion shopping portal opens up its first retail franchise at Bengaluru

Well known online fashion store, Myntra in a tie-up with its franchise partner, has commenced a new fashion outlet in the name of Roadster Go. The store is packed with the latest technology and boasts as one of the modernized outlets in the retail fashion industry.
Situated in Bangalore, the shop is set to run its operations from Mantri Mall and utilizes the latest in advanced technology in terms of product descriptions and billing purposes.

Deemed as the first ever fashion retail chain in the country to use technological advancements in pursuit of its business operations, the franchise partner of Myntra runs the shop with 100% Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) facilitated digital screens which will allow buyers to complete the billing and checkout within a short span of 30 seconds.

Upon placing the items at the billing counter in the RFID tray, the description of the product along with the rate and total amount payable will be displayed on the touchscreen. This will enable customers to make their payment through the digitalized interface, either through cash or digital payment.

Mr. Ananth Narayanan, the CEO of Myntra and Jabong added that "Once the payment is done, the RFID is deactivated and you can walk out of our store freely. But if you step out with the product without payment, the system will raise an alarm."

Mr. Narayanan believes that this forward approach towards a digitalizing mode of payment and checkout of products would revolutionize the overall shopping experience and pave the way to the upgradation of how offline retail outlets in the fashion industry would operate.

Mr. Narayanan further added when asked about his future plans that they’re in talks of going into the expansion with more than 100 outlets dealing in multiple fashion brands, of which 50 of them would be Roadster Go stores, within the next two years.

The head of operations, Mr. Manohar Kamath, has said that through the correlation of fashion and advanced technology, a multitude of innovative opportunities is offered, redefining the offline shopping experience.

As an additional benefit for customers, prevailing rates are provided by the store, in their online portal.


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