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Top 5 Franchise Industries to Invest In

Top 5 Franchise Industries to Invest In

When you're willing to work hard for someone else, why not put that effort into a business that's completely owned by you?

There's a 5 pillar system to evaluate the best franchise industries to invest in.

  • Franchise and royalty fee.

  • Size and growth rates.

  • Marketing support, operational support, infrastructure, etc.

  • Brand strength - social media, years in business, proven business model, brand recognition.

  • Financial strength and stability of the franchisor.

2020 and 2021 are rough years. Many companies are forced to close their doors. Businesses, both huge and medium have to make the difficult decision to lay off workers. But there are things and services that people need, regardless of whether the economy is good or bad.

The success of any franchise will depend on a future-proof franchising model as well. A model which will ensure adaptability for meeting the need and requirement of future pandemics and lockdowns. Right from the beginning of the pandemic, the following industries have turned out to be pandemic-proof leaders.

1.Knowledge And Education Industry

According to an article published by Forbes after the first COVID-19 outbreak, there is a huge scope in the education franchise sector. 

There are various kinds of education training franchises such as schools, pre-schools, learning centers, training institutes, coaching institutes, language classes, etc. 

With schools and colleges being closed for over six months, online education now has even become a household name in India. 


India is the second-largest producer of medical drugs. The pharmacy segment in India caters to more than fifty percent of the demand in several countries globally.

The market for pharmaceuticals has always got enough support and demand because they offer services that are unlikely to ever become unnecessary. Though there's a way now to order medicines online, most people are still preferring to show prescriptions in person from a pharmacy store in their locality and pick up their medicine.


As foods come under the essential commodities, a food store or restaurant can operate under any circumstance. So there wouldn't be any disruption in your income.

Food franchise opportunities are widely available in India. and there's a pile of options, from fast food to healthy options, sandwich shop, smoothies, and the list goes on. Even in the current situation, people are eventually gonna want to get out, throw some darts, eat some food.

4.Logistics, Courier and Delivery Services

The e-commerce sector has greatly grown in the past decade. Because of this, the courier sector has significantly expanded. Numerous product vendors from Amazon and Flipkart are in locations where the default transportation facility is available. Thus, such vendors are depending on other courier companies for delivering their products.


In today's time, people show deep concerns about their body's shape, muscle size, fitness levels, and such.

'Get more exercise' is the most popular New Year's resolution. Nowadays, fitness has become more of a lifestyle than a trend. There are 6 million fitness freaks in India, and they spend approximately four hundred dollars every year on fitness services. The fitness business is obviously booming in India.

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