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Guide To Start A Pet Shop

Guide To Start A Pet Shop

The scope of pet-related franchise businesses is pretty extensive. A pet store doesn't have to limit itself to only selling the animals, but can also include care centers, food stores, accessories, drug stores, etc.

The beauty of a pet business is that it's simple and straightforward enough to be recreated by another entrepreneur in a different geographical location.

If you are thinking about starting a business in the pet industry, and are doing research on making that happen, know that there are 2 ways. You may either build your brand from scratch, taking on every responsibility yourself, or you may acquire a franchise shop and enjoy the several benefits which come along with it.


The pet supply store may come with conditions about how the store shall look or the products will be used. Therefore you need a careful study on the pros and cons before signing the franchise deal.

The franchise might suggest an exclusive location where you can operate under their brand. But it is still necessary in considering your territory and investigating other local pet businesses. Is there any market for what you are providing? Doing some research, estimating the local pets population, and trying to tap into needed services is crucial. It's best if your store is attached to a veterinary clinic or nearby.


Setting up an animal care business can be expensive. And as you will have to compete with already existing and trusted pet care shops, you will have to ensure you are fully stocked. This implies that you should be well equipped with food, toys, and pet-care products for every kind of animal. You must have adequate money for purchasing pets and many other pet-related products, so apply for a Small Business loan or take funds through your savings.

Get licensed

To set up a pet store, you must comply with government rules, regulations, and license requirements. This can be daunting to new entrepreneurs who look to enter the market as independent operators. However, when you join a franchise network, you can be confident that all of the legal requirements can be met easily.

You'll need to get a certificate of registration from the concerned State Animal Welfare Board. The application fee is 5,000 rupees. When the concerned authorities are satisfied with the application, your license will be approved; the certificate will be valid for a period of 5 years.

Final Thoughts 

Collaborating with an established brand is the ideal way for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Big brands have built buying power over the past two decades, and this includes privileged vendor relationships and a buying public that is already well aware of the brand names and trusts them to be leaders in their communities. These are the assets one simply cannot get when they're starting their business from scratch.

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