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How To Start A Clothing Franchise in Tamilnadu

How To Start A Clothing Franchise in Tamilnadu

If you are business-minded and have access to the financial requirements, then there's no stopping you from opening a clothing franchise in Tamilnadu. The first thing one needs to know is that running a clothing franchise store will require as much hard work and effort as running their own venture. When one buys a brand name, they are also buying the prospective clients along with it - it's not an invest and forget option.


To take up a clothing franchise, you should complete an application online or request one from the corporate office. You will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document. The franchisor will also see if you meet their qualifying standards. Before you sign the deal, get clarifications to all your questions in writing and also talk to some of the brand's other franchisees. Are they satisfied with the support offered? Are their problems being addressed properly? How many of them are interested in extending their contract?

As an alternative to directly contacting the company, it is best if you approach reputable platforms available for franchise-franchisee exchange, such as Franchise Global. We will aid in organizing a meeting between you and the brand of your choice, guide you throughout the process and assist you to draft the contract.

  1. Invest

Starting a clothing store business is definitely expensive. In the case of fashion, you will need to spend money to make money. It is likely that you will fund your business through a small business bank loan (since franchisees are not yet seen as a separate industry).

Every franchiser charges royalty fees or commission on sales. This will vary from 5% to 30%, depending on the brand; can pay it quarterly, monthly, annually, or only

once. The thumb rule is that the bigger the company, the higher the price of buying the franchise. Certainly, this may be impacting the number of earnings that you'll be pocketing, but most franchise partners are considering it a minimal amount to pay for the training and support offered by the venture. This one-time investment also includes buying the products from the parent company to the hiring of staff and their uniforms.

Final Thoughts

Big brands have acquired knowledge over decades in business and refined tested business models that take so much guesswork out of running your store. From hiring employees, to running marketing campaigns, to purchasing stocks, their models have an answer for all of it, while still leaving plenty of room for making decisions executively and adhering to the individual's tastes. This sort of roadmap to success isn't available to you if you start your company from scratch.

This is why more and more entrepreneurially-minded people partnering with brands like Twin Birds, Derby, and Suxur makes a lot of sense. These brands were built on giving importance to customer service, affordability, and the latest fashion trends, thus implying that many of their franchisees continue to enjoy a reputation of being a leader in the fashion world.

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