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How Does Franchise Business Work In India

How Does Franchise Business Work In India

Many prominent wellness brands are offering franchises to people who are passionate about carrying on the brand's name. Franchising has become a popular business option for many people. It has created numerous opportunities in the wellness business, all of which are beneficial to the general public. Since its inception, franchising has seen several changes, many of which have been for the better. Franchising helps financially and in terms of developing and reaching out to people at a faster speed, with more clarity and solid relationship building between the brand and the public.


Franchisor- Franchisee- An Important Relationship

A franchisor is a business owner who is willing to sell his brand's franchises to franchisees. The relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee is fundamental because it is the foundation of a franchise business. For a price, the franchisor allows the franchisee to use his brand's services, trademarks, techniques, name, procedures, and other assets to help spread the brand's name to a wider audience. Owning and operating a franchise business for a well-known brand in order to increase revenue and brand awareness is a major responsibility, and it necessitates a high level of trust in the franchisor-franchisee relationship.


Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement is the legal paperwork for owning a brand's franchise, just like any other formal agreement. It is a written legal instrument that governs the relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee. It simply gives the franchisee specific rights from the franchisor to use the brand's services and support. To make it function, both the franchisor and the franchisee must sign the agreement. 


Benefits Of Franchising Business 

  1. Rapid growth: In a developing country like India, rapid expansion is required to quickly acquire market share. The franchising business strategy can assist a company in rapidly expanding and gaining market share.

  2. Building a Brand: Franchisee businesses have a stronger reputation than independently operated enterprises because they have more locations. Because brand building costs are shared among a number of businesses in a franchising business, there can be significant savings on advertising and branding.

  3. Minimal risk for franchisee: The franchisee has a minimal risk because the franchisor devotes all of its efforts to promote the brand. Furthermore, because the business concept is likewise proven in a franchise model, the franchisee's business risk is lessened.


The Cost of Franchising for Well-Known Brands

 The following is an estimate of how much it will cost to become a franchisee of the brand. They are only estimates and are subject to change: 

Cost of EV Hub Franchise

Retailing of electric bikes and bicycles.

Investment: Rs. 30- 50 lakhs; Expected Return : 15 - 25 Lakhs per annum 

Cost of Fipola Franchise 

 Modern meat retailing.

Investment: Rs.30 – 80 lakhs; Expected Return: 15 - 40 Lakhs per annum  

Cost for Sting Franchise  

Retailing of men's fashion and clothes.

Investment: Rs.20-30 lakhs; Expected Return: 15 - 20 Lakhs per annum



The wellness business is progressing at a far faster rate than anticipated. The chance to be a part of franchising is growing as more and more brands enter the market and offer up new paths. Franchising has taken on a new significance in recent years, and the future seems bright.

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